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A number of years ago I was sitting in a creative writing class and the teacher told us the best way to overcome writer's block was to ask people you know to tell you their stories... and so a seed was planted.

I pushed it to the back of my mind and let procrastination take hold but in 2021 I decided to start asking people to tell me their stories, I committed to recording them to ensure I didn't forget and before I knew it this podcast was born.

On the podcast I speak to people like you about your life. Your ups, your downs, your achievements and failures, those that have shaped you, the chances you took, the regrets you don't have and the experiences you cherish.

In today's world, the words of a celebrity carry more weight than those of an ordinary person, this podcast challenges that idea. 

Each story is an inspiration for someone listening.

Philip Bourke - we are the people podcast


I am a marketing professional with a passion for listening to people's stories. I enjoy creative writing and that passion lead me down the path of this podcast.  I am a firm believer that we can learn as much from one another as we can from the celebrities and hopefully you agree!